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May 30, 2022

Hi All,

It's been some time since I worked on Storyline. I sincerely hope you'll be able to assist me. Or at least nudge me in the right direction....

I'm creating a system simulation (for Dynamics 365 to be precise). Obviously there are numerous fields in the software solution that requires text entry from the user. So herewith a few challenges and questions:

1. Typically the user is required to click in the Dynamics field to enter text. I notice that in my system sim there is a step to click in the field. (i.e. hotspot area) Then when I instruct the user to enter text, the user is required to click in the field again before it allows him/her to begin typing. How can I remove the second click?

2. The text entry field's font is much larger than the text of the recorded screen. How can I reduce the font size displayed when the user types?

3. Lastly, is it possible for Storyline to auto detect when the user has entered the data as per the validation rule without having to click submit or use the enter key? The reason for my question is the following. Sometimes it occurs that the user is required to type an entire sentence in a field. I would like the software to validate the first 2 words and then continue automatically to the next step. I'll then put in a notification that states we've auto completed the entry to save him/her time. I've used this particular option in the User Productivity Kit (Oracle's UPK) with great success. Would like to mirror it in Storyline as well. The other reason for this auto-validation is when entering search criteria in a search field. Currently the user needs to submit the text entry by click in the button or pressing Enter. The next slide then instruct the user to click the Search icon or press Enter to initiate the search. As you can imagine this is nowhere near the user experience in the "live" environment.

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Joe Tansengco

Hi Zein,

Sorry to hear that you ran into these issues. 

Would you mind sharing a copy of your project file with us here so we can take a look at the behavior that you are experiencing? You can also create a support case if you prefer to share your project file in private. This is for items 1 and 2.

For item 3, you have the option of triggering the submit function of the slide when a user clicks outside of a text entry box.

What this combination of triggers does is allow the user to enter text in a text entry box, then submits the question immediately the moment they click elsewhere.