Text Entry issues with Enter key


I have 3 slides in a scene, each one with a text entry box. I have the attempts set to 2. So when a learners enters an incorrect entry and clicks Submit, they get the Try Again layer and can attempt again. This works as expected. 

However, if the learner types an incorrect entry and presses Enter, they do not Try Again layer; they get the Incorrect layer, get 0 points, and move on to the next slide. In the form view, I have cleared out the Submit Keys box. The Submit button is set to (No Button).

The triggers on the slide do not include pressing the Enter key. 

Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix? Thanks in advance. 

P.S. I have also tried it with the Submit Keys box = Enter to no avail.

Edit: I have the published output in our LMS and it works as desired with the Enter key, but using the same source file, the files I'm publishing now are giving me this weird behavior. I have attached the .story file.


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