Text Entry not retaining content when resumed later (Storyline 360)

Hello Heroes,

I have a small (Storyline 360 LMS SCORM 2004 2nd edition) project that is to be used for students to take notes.  This means it is set to always resume.  However, after closing out the file and going back in to edit/append my notes it doesn't have them anymore.  Also, if I'm still in the file and go back to another slide it won't let me edit.  Both errors are exactly opposite of how it has to work.  Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janet,

Thanks for sharing your file here with me.

I took a look and saw that I could resume the course and return to the slide I left off on using the Always or Prompt to resume, as long as I had not yet reached the results slide. Once reaching the results slide the course is put into Review mode to prevent you from resetting things. You can read a bit more about that here too. 

The slides themselves have also been submitted based on your triggers, and so there isn't an option to edit them again on a revisit. You'd need to reset the variable values to allow a user to enter back into the text entry to change things. That will reset the entire value/entry so that the user will be adding new text (not editing previously entered text). 

I hope that helps clarify what's happening in your file! Based on your needs there may be some other community solutions that would meet your setup, so I hope others in the community who have set up similar are able to weigh in on this.