Text Entry not working Chrome

I am having trouble with the text entry option in Chrome.  It works in Edge, and FireFox.  On the first slide of this StoryLine 360 presentation, it asks for the users name.  After entering the name and clicking Next, the waiting icon appears but it never advances to the next slide. See attached.



Thanks for your help.

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Chris Baer


Thanks for your response. 

1.  I can confirm the text-entry-box starts working again in Chrome when the course is exported as SCORM file and uploaded to scorm.com.  However, this course will not be hosted in an LMS.  It will be published to the web, HTML5 only. Is there an option at SCORM.com to do that?

2. I'd tried publishing just to HTML5only but got the same results.

When you view this course in Chrome, does the name text-entry-box work for you?



Chris Baer

Did some more research on alternative places to publish course file.  Discovered Articulate's Tempshare site.  Gives you a place to publish up to 10 days.


When I publish here, the text-entry-box works fine.


Not sure what that means.  Why would it work at tempshare using Chrome and not on our webserver?


Crystal Horn

Hi Chris!  Thanks for sharing your links.  The Tempshare link worked for me in Chrome.  The icpas.org link, however, looks like it might have been moved. 

Can you upload that content to your web server again and repost your link here?  I'd love to compare the two and see if I can help.

Crystal Horn

Thanks Chris!  Is the output that you have hosted on Tempshare the same as what you've got on your icpas.org server?  The slide content on slide 1 looks slightly different:

I saw some loading issues in the icpas.org version of the HTML5 output, even with trying to use the menu to navigate to other slides.  When I changed it to the Flash output (by replacing html5 with flash), it worked as expected.  

Can you ask your server administrator if there are any restrictions with HTML5 output?  I downloaded your .story file and uploaded it to my test domain and it played fine in Chrome.  I'm not sure what could be causing issues in your server environment.

Chris Baer


You are right. The formatting of the text box is slightly different. 

I do know that our web-server is locked down pretty tight. Do you believe there might be a restriction on our server for JavaScript files?  That would prevent files located here from working correctly.



Do these JS files relate to the text-entry-boxes?





Chris Baer


Our IT folks don't believe it is a webserver issue but a Storyline/Chrome problem since the course works in Edge and FireFox.  They showed me the Console tab of Chrome-Developer Tools.  See attached. Chrome seems to be rejecting four JavaScript files from Storyline.  Are these files related to the text entry box?


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Chris!

Thanks for linking to the other thread.

Are you on the latest update to Storyline 360, which is now Update 14? Seems that we released a fix for the issue reported there.

Versioning discussions would need to be discussed with our support engineers and you can reach them directly here.

I would be sure to link to this thread so that the history of the issue is kept :)

Oren Savidor

I'm having similar issues with text entries on Chrome with Storyline 2.  Only in chrome I get 'Invalid Response' whenever I try to click on a text entry field. It's as if I already clicked outside of the entry field and the interaction is submitted without any text inside. 

Do you have any workaround for this issue? 

I'm aware that SL2 is quite outdated, but I'd still hope for a solution. 


Ren Gomez

Hi Oren,

Thanks for sharing that image of what you're experiencing. A few questions to dig deeper:

  • Did you publish the course for the web or to an LMS? And if you published for web, did you host the course on a web server?
  • Have you tried different browsers to see if it's browser-related?

Our Support Team would be happy to take a look at your file and see if we can troubleshoot the issue. Feel free to share your file here!