text entry variables - error

Jan 01, 2014

Hi folks

Please see this short Screenr.


The text entry fields that i RENAME are NOT available to be inserted as references

They are all renamed with automatic extensions (_1 and _2 etc)

When I do insert those as a test, then the text entry field does not match up with he variable I selected.

I am flummoxed.


PS: If anyone knows of a template that will allow me to enter the results of a 4 level decision tree that would be fantastic. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for sharing the screenr to show us what's happening. As Phil mentioned, the name of the variable and how you reference it is controlled when you set up the variable, not by the object on the timeline. Additionally, if you're variable references are appearing in the wrong place I'd double check the trigger set up you have as it looked like some of the objects were called one thing while the trigger associated with them said it was adjust the variable for another name (i.e. one object was titled "GoodDecision_best" but the variable referenced in the trigger said "GoodDecision_worst"). 

Indrani Sen

Hi Ashley,

I have a question regarding 'text entry' fields.  This is very simple project.  Each input text entry field validates the input against the available choices and gives feedback.  In this example, I have set up the correct responses for slide 1.1 as 4 choices: José Cuervo , José Cuervo Tequila, Jose Cuervo Tequila & Jose Cuervo.  However even if I type 'Jose Cuervo' the system rejects it as incorrect choice.  Similar problem happens with the next slide, where the correct answer could be either 'Beefeater Gin &  Beefeater' .  The system rejects 'Beefeater' but accepts 'Beefeater Gin'.

Would you mind taking a look?

Thank you so much,


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