Text Entry with Keyword Feedback

I am looking to convert a course from an outside authoring platform to Storyline 360. One question in the course requires students to type in a response; if the response contains certain key words or phrases, they will receive specific feedback.

For some context, I'm working on a medical course that takes students through simulated cases. In one case, the student must ask the "virtual patient" a question. The question must contain one of the following words: appetite, hunger, hungry, eat. If their question contains one of those words, they will receive the following "feedback" from the patient: "I am not hungry at all. I don't even think I could eat my favorite food if you put it in front of me."

Does Storyline 360 have this capability? It looks like the Text Entry option from Quizzing only functions if the student's response matches the answers exactly. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Rachel! You're correct, answers must exactly match one of the options that you list in the 'Acceptable Answers' window. But I certainly think a keyword-match feature like you describe would be something that lots of Storyline users could benefit from. Would you mind sharing your perspective here as a feature request? 

Christoph Krieger

Dear Rachel.


This could be done with some javascript. 

  • The text entry is stored in a variable
  • When the user click submit or somewhat you need to execute the javascript
  • The javascript searches for the keywords
  • If found a the script set some different, manually created variable to some value
  • A trigger which shows different answers based on the set variable