Text format into my markers have changed since last Storyline 360 update

Jul 23, 2020

Hello, with the last Art360 update (I guess) all my marker text format have changed (inside Storyline 360)
It's a real problem for me as I have multiple language e-learning to check: each time I open a file, all the marker text need to be reformated manually or they will not appear correctly. 
To solve the problem I went back to the previous version but still : any solution ?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Yoann,

I'm sorry you ran into this issue with text formatting in your markers! I'm glad you were able to restore your work by downgrading to the previous version.

We recently released a hotfix this morning to fix the font size changes, which you can see in our version history.

If you didn't update to that version, give it a try and see if your markers retain their format as expected!

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