Text formatting- bullets, margins, and more.

Aug 15, 2012

Hi Heroes! 

I am currently building a course in storyline and it doesn't seem to have the text formatting features that I want it to. 

My questions: 

1. Can I adjust the placement or size of my bullets? (Previously in ppt you could adjust the bullet size relative to text size, as well as how far away from the first character it sits)

2. Can I adjust the margins, and submargins of a text box? 

What happened to the text effects in Powerpoint that Articulate supported? 


Madison Wellington

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Sarah Ednay

Any news on when a new version might be coming? with better text, animation, and question review handling....

I've just come back to check up on Storyline again after many months and am facing some of the same sort of decisions to make pretty soon over what we take forward. I abandoned various Storyline examples that I'd been playing with months ago, that I had wanted to use to try and sell it as a way forward for producing materials for 'live training' which would then provide a more gradual transition to online based materials. I got forced back to Powerpoint. Actually I do like Powerpoint but getting a SME to think in anything but a linear way is hard when using ppt.

Now I have some older Quizmaker files I need to use some of to make some new materials. The format won't move into Storyline easily due to a bug in the review feature, and I never liked Studio. grrr.

I guess I know the answer will be .... we can't say...

I'm just a bit depressed today and having a whinge because it means I'll either still be living in the last century for the rest of this year or need to learn something else. sigh

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