Text formatting errors in Articulate Storyline 1

Dec 01, 2014

I have a very random problem in which the text formatting when accessing a course changes when I open the course. All the sizes, alignment and position will move. Not on all slides but most which I can't seem to solve.


 I have included a video that I made to share the problem internally at my company but thought somebody within the Articulate Hero's may have come across or know of a solution. 

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Darren Campbell

Hi Emily, I manually made all the text amendments through the course as the deadline was today. Looking at all the tips and recommendations I'm fairly sure I have ticked all the boxes required. Seems Storyline was substituting the font for the Articulate font in many cases whilst also adding paragraph spaces and changing the font size. Very odd. Hopefully it's a one of in just this course. Thank you for the suggestions however. 

Kevin Thorn

I get the same behavior with any older SL1 projects. I recently upgraded from an iMac to a MacBook Pro. On both systems I am/was running VMWare Fusion with no problems.

The text issue with SL1 projects opened on the new system that were previously created on the old system or consistent. Text boxes jumping to a different x,y position, font sizes jumping 2-3 sizes bigger, font styles changing (not as frequent). 

Seems only text box objects are affected. All graphics, images, etc. are unaffected. I chalked it up to the new retina screen or resolution on my monitor (2560 x 1440). 

Same legacy SL1 project opened in SL2 seems fine. Just when reopening in SL1.

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