Text formatting issues

When I edit a piece of center aligned text, the position on screen shifts to the left side of the text box shape. I then have to manually reposition the text box.

This slows down my workflow as I often copy text items, then edit their content. I have my text box format settings on resize to fit text with wrap off.

There are other issues with text, but this one is really irritating me.

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Charles Radanovich

Yes, but I prefer not to have boxes that are too large for the text. I like to keep things neat, so oversized text shapes are not what I'm used to.

I did a quick test and another thing I notice is that even when wrap is on and my text is middle justified, if I go from a one liner and edit so it wraps to two lines, the text stays top justified instead of re-centering it's position in the layout.

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks so much for that Peek, Charles! That really helps. 

What you're seeing is expected behavior. "Middle Aligned" means the text will always be vertically aligned to the middle of the text box height. That doesn't mean that the middle of the text box will remain in the same spot on the slide, no matter how much text you enter.

To maintain the placement of the text box as you add more text, I would use the "Do Not Autofit" setting. Here's a screen recording that compares the difference in behavior.

Charles Radanovich

Thanks Alyssa, I understand your example. It means though that I'd have to anticipate the larger spread of the added lines by using an oversized text box. 

Since my preference is to have boxes that fit text snuggly, it's probably better for me to keep adjusting positions as I have been.