Text input/entry boxes are automatically changing the size of them in output

Hello Everyone,

I  came across a situation recently, I have inserted few text entry boxes to take the input from learner, I have aligned them in a nice way. When I have published the output for Review 360, the size of the input boxes are different than in source so that the boxes are overlapping with each other.

Can anybody know why this issue is happening, please help me if you have already gone through this.

Thanks in advance!

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Ren Gomez

Hi Venkata,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🌟

It sounds like the published output in Review 360 is different from your source file, correct? Do you mind sharing a screenshot of what you see, or even better yet, your .story file?

You can share it publicly here by clicking the Add Attachment button, or share it privately with me by uploading to this link. As always, I'll delete once I'm done testing.