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Can someone help me out here.  I am sure I am missing something easy.  I have a course I want to build in Storyline where the learner inputs a code we give them. That code will then take them to a new page with a list of things for them to check off.  The trick is I want to use different codes for different pages.  

For example, they enter code 34H56 it takes them to page 1, but if they enter 45J78 it takes them to page 2.  Can anyone tell me if this is possible and if so point me in the right direction.  Seems like it should be.  thanks.

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Jeanette Brooks

Oh yes, I should've mentioned that! With a text entry field, learners can enter both alpha and numeric characters (so that's what you'd want to choose if your code's going to contain both letters and numbers).  A numeric entry field accepts only numbers, decimals, and hyphens preceding negative numbers. Here's a bit more on data entry fields which contains some additional tips you might like to check out. 

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Aegis Team - yes, you can do that by entering some text in the input field to get them started. However, the text you enter as a "starting point" will still need to be retyped by the learner, I think, along with any text you want them to add. Attached is an example where there are 3 fields, each with a first name in the field as a hint to get the learner started. The learner then needs to complete the fields by entering the first AND the last name. And then whatever they enter appears on the next slide. Is this the kind of thing you're looking for?