Text looks good in design, but choppy when published

Sep 27, 2013

Hey everyone. I'm using Century Gothic 10 or 11 point for some text boxes in Storyline. (Century Gothic is our company's design font, I can't use a different one).

In development view, it looks fine. When I publish, it comes out kind of choppy. Any way around this?

Design View


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Harri S

Hi Jim,

I experienced the same issue.

As per usual ensure DPI is set to 96 and that you are working on your local drive.

Also ensure that your page is set at 100% when viewing and previewing the slide as even 101% could distort text in this way.

I found that I still encountered this issue even when following all the guidelines and so had to change font - the alternative being creating text as an image and importing (but that has a whole load of downsides)

You could also open a support case as see if the Tech guys can get to the bottom of this.

Hope this helps

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