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Feb 05, 2014

Hi there,

I recently published a course for a client that doesn't display properly in Windows 7/IE 11. Only some of the letters in each word on the page appear. I can't post a screen shot or provide you with the .story file because it would violate our confidentiality agreement with the client. Basically, it looks like we used a typewriter with several missing keys when we created the content. 

I don't have this issue in any other browser that we've tested in, but I'm wondering if you have any ideas about why this could be happening and how to resolve it--or if you've had any other reports of this happening with IE 11?

I updated to the most recent version of Storyline last week, incidentally. Not sure if this was happening before I updated.

Thanks for your help!

Michelle Eiteljorge

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle, 

I heard one report of this before, but it seemed to be just one user who was experiencing this in IE11. Are you able to check what version of Flash you're using to see if it's the same in the other browsers you've tested in? Also, you mentioned not being able to share the course here in the forums, but if you're able to share with me privately I can send you directions, and you're always welcome to share with our support engineers. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicolette, 

There is limited support for HTML5 in Internet explorer as you can see in the chart I previously shared, but it's limited based on the level of support that Internet explorer offers for display of HTML5 content. A really great site to compare how different browsers will operate with HTML5 content (even outside of Articulate) is HTML5test.com - you'll want to look at IE vs. Chrome for example, and it'll help frame why we steer users towards a browser such as Chrome for example. 

With the release of Storyline 2, we also updated some of our documentation and information in regards to the browsers, and that chart is detailed here. Overall, the HTML5 features of Storyline 2 have been increased, but browser such as Internet Explorer are still not up to speed, so we won't recommend using it for exclusive HTML5 content. 

Linus NoName

This is a fix for the IE 11 (edge) problem that you can use. You have to manuall edit the generated story_html5.html file. Open the file in a text editor, find this line: "<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">".

Remove "IE=edge", and instead write "IE=10; IE=9". This will force IE11 to run as IE 10, which works fine with fonts for us. IE10 and IE9 will stay in their own versions.

Fraser N

The X-UA-Compatible fix described above works great when running training in its own tab/window, but unfortunately fails if the training is being displayed within a frame on another page. 

It appears IE11 must display the whole tab in one document mode, so you can't have the container page (i.e. the LMS) running in IE11 mode and a frame (i.e. the Storyline content) running in IE10 mode.

We have managed to workaround this by editing the mobile/player_complied.js file in Storyline's generated output.

Open this file using a text editor, locate the following:


and change it to:




Susan Smith

I have a similar problem while typing within Storyline. I use Trebuchet font and I find that when I'm typing in a text box, a random letter will not display for me. It seems to only be affecting the letters "a" and "t". If I hit "enter" and then type, it's all right and I can relocate my completed sentences, but this can happen at any part of the text box. Very strange! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ok Susan, thanks for clarifying. We're now on Update 6 of Storyline 2, so I'd suggest installing and using the latest update.  If you're seeing odd behavior in your .story file I'd look first to confirm you're working on project files as described here and then I'd suggest importing it into a new file as well. If you're also seeing this on a brand new file that you've confirmed was saved locally I'd go through the repair steps. 

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