Text not displaying scroll bar in Storyline

Oct 02, 2013

My team is producing a large elearning course in Storyline that has text in scrolling panes throughout the lessons. When we upload the SCORM files to our LMS (Net Dimensions) with HTML 5 and mobile player on iPad selected the lessons are not displaying the scroll bar in the panes. However the user can scroll the content within the container - they just can't see that it is scrollable.

This is also happening on the Galaxy. I don't think the LMS is allowing the iPad to launch the mobile player. However is there a fix for the HTML 5 to display the text scroll bars?

Any insight or assistance would be helpful. Thanks,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chanda, 

Based on one of your other threads, it sounds like the LMS doesn't support Tin Can API and therefore wouldn't work with the iPad app. In regards to the HTML5 output, there is a similar thread here where the user found it was a problem with having the scrolling panel on a layer, and having applied a font style to the text box. Changing both of those allowed the scrolling panel to work. 

Also, because you mentioned the Galaxy tablet, I wanted to remind you that Articulate does not officially support Android platforms. 

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