Web Object overflowing its borders in HTML5/mobile Safari

I have a very simple web object with some paragraphed text. There is enough text that the web object content is larger (taller) than the web object itself.

In the Flash releases and Google Chrome HTML5, the web object stays the same height and has a vertical scroll bar. However, in mobile Safari (on an iPad) the web object is displaying PAST its borders and spilling out overtop the content below (no scroll bar), no matter how vertically tall the web object's contents are. How do I fix this?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Keith,

It may be something easier to diagnose if we're able to take a look at what you have set up and test it within a few different environments. Just to confirm, are you publishing with Storyline update 5, as there were a few fixes specific to web objects and HTML5 in that update? When you view within Mobile Safari, what type of iPad and iOS are you using? If you'd like to share it here with us I'm happy to take a look and if you'd prefer to share privately please let me know and I can send instructions on how to share privately. There is a known issue where web objects display over player elements, although I would think you'd see this in both your Flash and HTML5 versions, not just on the iPad. 

Keith K.

Hi Ashley. I am using Storyline update 4 at the moment due to issues with other devices with update 5.

I'm not sure of the version of iPad/iOS I'm running. Some of my research has indicated that iFrames in Safari will automatically extend vertically in order to fit their inline content, even if they have been specified to say at a certain height. This would explain the issue I am seeing, although it would help to know if this is something you guys are aware of and have included a workaround for.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Keith,

We're aware of an issue associated with iFrames within an LMS that are causing the published content to not scale correctly in mobile Safari. It seems to be reported mostly in regards to iOS7, and you can check which iOS you're using following these directions. 

If you'd like us to take a look at your file to determine if it's the same issue or any other workarounds to share, you're welcome to share your file here in the forums, or if you'd prefer to share privately I can send you directions to share with me privately and you can always connect with our Support Engineers.