text Rending differently between computers

Jan 12, 2017

I'm having an issue where text position changes depending on if the storyline file is being viewed on my computer vs my coworker's computer. The differences carry through to the published files.

I've attached some screen shots to illustrate this. The top image is how the slides look for my coworker, and it is the correct positioning. The bottom screenshot is how it looks when I open the files.

I have the correct fonts on my computer. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Michael Shannon

Hey Chris. When I see things like this I always start with OS/browser.

You say you're comparing this on two different machines. Are they running the same OS (windows 7, windows 10, Mac OS 10.8)?

Next, and for me this may be the critical point, are you testing in the same browser. To me it looks like one is the flash version and one is the HTML5 version. Depending on what browser you're viewing it in changes what version gets loaded. 

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