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Connie Malamed

Wow! I just tried working in 100% as Nancy suggested and the text doesn't shift. No wonder I didn't notice this before. I was previously working in 110%. So it looks to me that if you are working in any mode smaller or larger than 100%, you get the distracting shift. I'd say this is a bug and for people with poor eyesight who need the screen enlarged, it's a problem. But at least there's a solution for many. Thanks, Nancy.

Jeff Sale

Well thank you for the tip on viewing at 100%, I guess I could decrease my screen resolution for maximum enlargement, but that would be pretty annoying. Here's another question though, why does the text box have a different size font size than the actual highlighted text inside of it? Now that really is distracting!

Nancy Woinoski

Leslie McKerchie said:

Hi David and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! Glad you were able to find an answer in the forums (hate that it was out of frustration). As stated above, you can submit your feature request here.

Sorry to be a bit of a brat but this really is not a feature request. It is a bug. The development team already knows about it so not really sure what the value is in asking people to make a feature request unless it is to drive home the fact that is annoying to a lot of people.