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Aug 01, 2014


We've noticed that when you click on the border of a text box to select the whole box, the font size stated on the menu bar is larger than the font size stated when you click into the text itself.

For example, if we create a text box and select font size 14, when you select the box itself after typing, the menu bar tells us it's font size 17.5. If we change the box to be 14, the text size when the text is clicked is 11. The size doesn't change when you click from box outline to text, just what the menu bar tells us changes.

Why is this, and which one is the correctly reported size? We're thinking the highlighted text size is the correct one, just based on visual experience.

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Arleen Janz

Hi, Justin,

Here's a slide from the presentation. When you click into any of the boxes, whether they be shape or text boxes, you'll see the menu bar gives one size, and when you click on the shape or box outline, a larger size is reported. Well, you'll see it if it does this in your program. . It does this in all of our installations here at work (there are 12 of us), and it doesn't matter if it's the latest updated version or the one before.

We're working on Windows Virtual Machines on our Macs. We thought maybe it was the font we chose (Open Sans), but no. It does this with any font we choose.

Eric Rohrer

Hi Arleen,

I'm willing to bet that your Windows default font size is 125%. On your machine go to: Control Panel>Display>Set Custom Text Size (DPI). Change that setting to 100%

What is happening is that when Windows was installed it detected that you have a higher resolution monitor. Therefore, Microsoft is doing you a "favor" by defaulting to 125% DPI because at 100% the font size is too small for most.

I learned about this last week while working for a new client. They issued me a brand new machine and everyone else had older models. We kept seeing these discrepancies of font sizes whenever I shared my .story files with any of the other developers. After 30 hrs. of major confusion this is what we ended up discovering to be the issue.

Please post back letting us know if this is in fact the reason.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arleen,

I took a look at your .story file (thanks for sharing it here!) and I saw all the fonts as Open Sans, size 16 font on slide 1.1. As I looked at the other slides, they all matched what was in the top Home tab and the individual text when highlighted. I'd agree with Eric's assessment about working at 100% (or 98 DPI) causing the issue, and that's detailed a bit further here. You'll also want to make sure that your slide zoom is set to 100% zoom, as working at another setting can cause display issues as well.

If you're still having a bit of difficulty please feel free to let us know.

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