Text Size Changing when Moving from Storyline 3.4 to 3.5

Dec 14, 2018

We are experiencing text size and rendering issues when opening functioning files in Storyline 3.5 that were originally published in Storyline 3.4. The sizing changes and becomes inconsistent.

This issue applies to text boxes, and tables. Behaviour is not consistent, i.e., it does not affect ALL text boxes, only some.

There seems to be some new rendering introduced in Storyline 3.5, as these files were working and displaying properly in earlier versions. No changes were made to the files, they were only opened and published - not edited.

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for including your file, Nick! So sorry you've come across this oddity.

I tested the course in Update 5 of Storyline 3 where I see the same text problem – really strange! Since I don't have the custom font installed on my machine, I'm curious to know if clicking the Clear Formatting button helps resolve the issue?

I don't see anything in the file that would cause that resizing to happen, so I'd also like to get more eyes on this. I've shared your project to our Support Engineers, and someone from the team will reach out to you with some more next steps to try very soon. I'll follow along as well!

Nick S

Clear formatting removes the anomalies, but it also removes the font choice (switching to a default Arial font).

Attached is another example in a table, where we first noticed the issue. You'll note that the bolded text seems larger that the others, although the last cell in the table has all text set to 14 pt Calibri. These also look nowhere near 14pt font, so it is being scaled to the text box. The controls to adjust the Autofit are also greyed out.

Again, this slide was displaying normally with 3.4. Once we opened it in 3.5 to republish, these changes were introduced.

Our concern is that we now need to check all content on all slides to see if 3.5 is introducing any errors. 

Katie Riggio

Appreciate this extra detail, Nick. I shared this information with Renato – you're in great hands!

I see he's carefully testing both Storyline 3 updates as we speak and should be in touch as quickly as possible with some next steps. I'll continue to follow the case as it progresses, as I'm also curious to know what's causing this.

Nick S

Having worked with Renato to diagnose this, we found that the root cause of this anomaly is if block of text is set to subscript, and then italics or bold is applied to some words within.

Not sure why the course author chose to set the text to subscript (I think it was a formatting workaround), just an FYI if you encounter similar issues before a patch is released - check font settings if subscript has been applied.

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