Sep 02, 2014

Good Day!

Can anyone tell me if Articulate Storyline has text-to-voice soft ware? If they don't have it, can you recommend a text-to-voice software that can be used with Storyline?


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Steve Flowers

Hi Angela,

Storyline doesn't have text to speech (TTS) built-in. There are a few options but you're going to be limited by licensing in a few cases. Some of the better programs are expensive for distributed licensing.

There are a few threads that discuss TTS options. Here is one thread:


I use TTS for scratch audio during early prototype reviews before sending to a professional narrator. For this, I used to use http://www.ivona.com's reader to generate scratch files, but have moved to using the speech engine in MacOS with a batch file with good results. If you have a Mac, I'm happy to detail my process for generating speech.

Have experimented with https://www.vocalware.com/ for more of a live response. This can get expensive depending on how many users you have accessing the module. More cloud-based options appear every day

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