Automatic Closed Captions with Recorded Audio

Oct 03, 2019

Hi all. I have found the option to add closed captions when using the text-to-voice tool. However, if I want to record my voice, is there a tool or configuration in Storyline that would detect my voice and add closed captions for me? Or do I need to manually go in and add my text? Thank you!

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Joe Dey

Hi Leana. If I understand you correctly, you want to record and hear your own narration and then also display the recording as closed captions. I do it like this, though I dare say others may have a better option: You need to create a text to speech and associated closed captions and then replace the auto generated audio with your own recording.

1. Enter the text that you wish to appear as closed captions in the Notes section.

2. Select [Insert | Audio | Text to Speech].

3. Select 'Copy from Slide Notes' and ensure the 'Generate Closed Captions' check box is selected.

4. Select 'Insert'.

5. In the timeline select the 'Text-to-Speech' audio and in the [Audio] menu select 'Audio Volume' and set its value to 'Mute'.

6. Insert your own recording onto the timeline.

7.  In the triggers panel create a trigger setting the built in trigger 'DisplayCaptions' to value 'True'.

You should now be able to hear your own recording whilst at the same time viewing the closed captions.

See the attached file for a demo.