Text Wrapping Broken Again

Jun 16, 2023

I am having issues with Quiz questions where the question does not wrap when I open the project again or if I copy the question from one slide to another. It also happens if I copy or import the slide to another project.

I thought this was corrected a long time ago? I am attaching a story file. This has been happening for the last two weeks at least. I am tired of correcting these text boxes every time I open a project or copy a quiz question. Hope there is a solution.

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Sandeep Gadam

Hello Jeffrey, I reviewed your SL file and found that for each question text box, "Resize shape to fit text" has been enabled. Try enabling wrap text option and then specify a desired width for each text box. Then based on the question text you need to reposition the options and images present in each slide. I just made some adjustments to the file that you attached. Please review the updated file and let me know your thoughts.

Jeffrey Riley

To add to this enigma, I did verify that the example I sent you did not have the Wrap Text box checked. However, my original file does. The problem seems to come when I copy a question from one place to another.

I checked the text box settings when this first happened and they were correct. 

That was why I sent this message. When I copy a question, it seems to reset the settings. It even changes the font size to 64 for the question. I can try some other ideas to see if I can isolate what is going on. 

I just tested this importing slides and that maybe the solution. However, we should be able to copy a slide, we have in the past. I have been working with Storyline since 2012 and have not had this consistent problem before. 

You can see this example the text box seems to work. I used import.


Jose Tansengco

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for sharing additional details regarding the behavior you're experiencing. 

I tried to replicate the behavior on my end using the file that you shared, but none of the titles of the question slides changed format during import. Here's a quick video of my test where I used the import function as well. 

As a troubleshooting step, please try doing a repair of your Storyline 360 installation to see if this helps. Here's how:

If the issue persists, open a case with our support team here so we can take a closer look at the behavior.