textbox autoselect problem

Jan 15, 2013


I'm wondering if I can set the text entry box to NOT auto select when I run the slide?

I wrote an instruction text on the entrybox, when I run the slide, it auto-selects itself, and hence the text on the entrybox is gone until you click somewhere else...

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Eddie,

You can't specify which item has the focus on screen load.  However, you might be able to move the text entry box to the "back" of the slide as a workaround.  Try right-clicking the text entry field & choose Send to Back.

Additionally, I thought up a quick example that may help with this. If you absolutely need to show the content of the text box and not the cursor on load, you could always save the text entry as a picture and insert it onto the slide in place of the box. Then, add the actual text entry box on another slide. Have the layer show when the user clicks on the copy of the text box and it will automatically switch to entry with the text box on the additional layer.

Here's a quick example. I'm also attaching the file, in case you want to see how I set this up. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Christine and Eddie,

Christine, good solution.

Eddie, I"d come up with a solution about an hour and a half ago and hit the post button - or at least I thought I did! I'd even typed in some instructions!

Anyway, I was able to achieve this with one layer, but had to place the text entry box on another object; made the object's fill and outline "none." I'm attaching now. The text entry box must sit above the other object on the timeline.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey Eddie,

I was thinking about this earlier (took the dog for a walk) and it dawned on me that in many situations there's no need to place an extra shape for the text entry box to sit on, since you may, by design, have a shape that it will sit on anyway. And in that case, as long as it's positioned properly, you'd be good to go. I've re-attached the story with 2 more slides to show you what I mean.

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