The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Buttons

I have made some navigational buttons from pngs (shown below). They all have three triggers on them, a jump to slide, a hover state  (highlighted) and a clicked state (shadowed). If I navigate away from the page, and come back to it - Once the 'Heading 1' button is clicked again, it resets the narrative on the slide, but disappears.  

This seems to happen frequently... I have tried deleting them and starting from the beginning, and using no hover or clicked states, but still get the same problem - if anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful for the help! 

Thank you in advance!


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Emily - I see you have a trigger on the "Heading 1" button which changes the state of Picture 23 to Hover when the user hovers the mouse over. Try deleting that trigger, since it's not necessary (a hover state will always be invoked automatically, without the need of a trigger, when learners mouse over the object).

I'm not sure exactly why, but deleting that trigger seems to clear up the issue. Perhaps it's because of the redundancy of triggering an action that would happen by itself automatically. In any case, it's good that you submitted your file to Support, as they might be able to dig deeper into the cause and share their findings with our QA team.

Emily D

Hi Jeanette, thanks for taking a look - I will try that now. And Bruce - any of the buttons at the top have been disappearing (at least they have on my computer) after you click them twice after leaving a page and coming back. I will try deleting the trigger and hope it works - afterall this mini demo has been created to try and convince a client it is worth continuing with Storyline rather than PowerPoint and Studio!  Thanks again - to you both! Em. 

Phil Mayor

Hi Emily

This is a bug, just for fun duplicate that button and put it somewhere else on your slide, now when you press one it disapears press the otjher and the missing one appears again, I wonder how you created the this button to do that did you copy and paste a picture into a state that has triggers attached?


Emily D

Hi Phil,

They were just pngs. Each hyperlink (at least in the first section) was added individually (as were the triggers). I have absolutely no idea what I have done to get it to do that - even Harriet could not suss it out - she even watched me do it!

Haha, many thanks teacher Phil, I do usually label things, but after deleting and re-inserting everything for the 4th time, I could not be bothered! Thanks for having a look though!

Bruce Graham

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