The latest status of HTML5 and Storyline?

Mar 08, 2013

Hi Folks --

I had the sense that Articulate had flagged that the HTML5 versions that are created by Storyline are not quite 100% yet.  Then I think they improved when the new update version was released.

Can someone tell me how close to "works perfectly" the HTML5 version is these days?

Because I tested it by re-publishing one of my modules with the newer updated version of Storyline, and then going to the "story_html5.html" file in the directory.  On my mac with firefox, audio was not coming through and certain graphics came in at odd times or not at all.  On my iPad, audio came through OK and the page looked good, but certain text boxes didn't appear at all, leaving certain parts of my slides as blank spaces where usually text was showing.

Anyone know the "latest state of affairs" with HTML5 and storyline?

THANKS!   apologies if there is a well-known place to check on this kind of status.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Eric, thanks for asking!

There are actually a couple of factors at play here. While we are always hard at work at improving our HTML5 output, and we think we'll be able to improve it with each new update, we're still somewhat at the mercy of HTML5 itself - a still-maturing and relatively new language. Storyline and HTML5 will grow up together, including these awkward teen years, and hopefully live a pretty harmonious life with one another as they grow and mature. 

Here's a great way to test HTML5 support for your current browser. And remember, we only currently support HTML5 in Chrome, Safari, and Mobile Safari, so for best results, I'd recommend testing your content in one of those browsers. And I'm sure you're familiar with it by now, but here's a great chart designed to help you design your content knowing the limitations of HTML5. 

Hope you have a great weekend, Eric!

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