The size/position of elements change from editing screen to preview/publish view

Feb 29, 2016

Hi, relatively new to Storyline (1). I have set a custom story size (960 x 640). But I have also tried different sizes. Anyway, elements appear much smaller and spaced further apart when I go to publish. I figure this is a rookie mistake, any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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Alasdair Houser

Hi both,

Thanks for responding. I have tried both changing the display settings (mine is at 150% usually and the zoom. Unfortunately I get the same result. Anything else that could be causing this? Should I change the story size? 

I have added a sceen-shot with the preview pasted below to show the difference in spacing (considerable).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alfonse,

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. After checking the DPI and using it at 96 DPI (or 100%) and then the slide zoom at 100% as per your screenshot, I'd also look at importing the existing file into a new .story file following the steps here.  Also, it looks like it's only the images you've inserted that are changing the size? Did you apply states or similar to them which could be changing how they appear? Is the colored border a part of the image or applied to the picture from the formatting options? 

It would be helpful if you could share the .story file here so that we could take a look at a few things such as this and how you set it up to see if we're able to recreate in your file and in a new file. You can attach it here using the "Add Attachment" button. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alfonse,

Thanks for sharing the file. I'm not sure what happened to your images but they seemed to have some additional transparent space around the bottom and right hand side of them. I don't know why that was making things appear smaller while in previewing but I was able to export the images out and crop them to place them back in. I also noticed that you mentioned dragging the items but it wasn't set up for a drag and drop - so I turned it into one for you. This version seems to be working now as expected (I suspect I don't have the font installed that you were using, so you'll see a change in the font/formatting of your text).

You'll want to ensure that you're working on local project files as described here as not working locally can cause odd behavior in your files. 

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