Story Size Follies: Did I just ruin my course?

Hi everybody,

I accidentally changed the Story Size of my course from 16x9 to 4x3. As a result, all of my slide elements got shifted and distorted. I changed it back to 16X9, but none of the slide elements recovered their original size and placement.

Am I doomed?

Please say no.

P.S. My line of work precludes me from uploading the file. Sorry.

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Michael Anderson

You may need to restore your file from backup or find a previous version of your project in your temp files. Check out Ashley's instructions here on how to do that:

I've experimented with changing my project size many times, and it never works as I had hoped. The scary thing is that sometimes undo won't even return the project to its previous state. Back up often and keep revisions of your files.