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Chanh Nguyen

Thanks Leslie.

As SCORM2004 doesn't have a guideline to to report score per question. And they do report the weighting. (Pls correct me if I am wrong here). And it's critical to us to track at the question level about its score, question text, and answer value all together. If the "weighting" is always set to "1", there is no workaround for weighting question, which question is more important than the others and so on.

Is "supporting flexible "weighing" something on your road map?

Chanh Nguyen

yes, it does reflect on the results slide correctly. However, I am not only using data in results slide, but also data coming from each question. (see your link below). In that I am doing at a lower level, the question level, where I want to report score/passed/failed/question text/answer value for each individual questions. So I have to rely on the "weighting" a lot, and other data from the following link as well.

Flexible weighing is critical for me


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chanh!

If you are publishing for SCORM 2004, your LMS should allow you to report down to the question and the points assigned per question should reflect the 'weight'. I'm sharing a rough demo file to visualize what I'm sharing. Perhaps I do not understand or your needs are greater than what the software can do at this time. For that, I defer to the community and welcome your feature request as shared above.

Chanh Nguyen

HI Leslie,

Thanks for the demo file. My project is similar to you.

According to the following link, only the weight is reported as 1 for all questions, the score of the question is not reported. I am wondering how the LMS can have the score of each question to report.


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks Chanh - I've reached out to other members of my team to see if there is additional information or assistance I can provide or to see if I am misunderstanding. As you can see in that article, the weighting is not something we currently utilize there.

After each question, the score should update here: cmi.score.raw

Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Chanh.

As you've seen, Articulate content doesn't currently utilize weighting.  It'll always be set to 1.  Please feel free to submit a Feature Request if you'd like to see a change to this behavior.

If you follow Leslie's recommendation, that will allow you to essentially "weight" your questions, but those weights won't be reported to the LMS at the question level.  Instead, Storyline will calculate the learner's score based on the point values you've assigned, and will submit the final score to the LMS.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

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