The wrong colours showing

Jan 23, 2023

I am using a theme to brand our internal content with our own colour pallet. When I come to change the player background colour the oddest thing happens. The player should use the colour #1C2541 which is a dark blue but when I am applying the player settings (using import player) the colour value shows correctly but the colour itself is showing as a lime green! I have attached a screen recording, you can see that it is not just the blue that is wrong.

This is an issue being experience by most of my team, the other interesting thing about this is they are seeing different colours appearing.

I am running the December version of Storyline (see screen capture). My first port of call is to drop down a version.

I should say, I have been using these player settings for about 3 months with no problems at all, it has just started to happen to me today. Has anyone else experienced this problem before? Any suggestions?

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Kelly Auner

Hi Kai,

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue!

I've tested this out on my end, and am unable to replicate it using the most current version of Storyline (Build 3.71.29339.0).

Please let me know if this helps! If you need additional assistance, I'd be happy to take a look at your file. You can upload it here or share it privately in a support case. We'll delete it from our systems once troubleshooting is complete.

Kai Dean


This is happening to different files to different people. Each of my team has experienced it and each of them have seen a different colour shown. The issue is not with Storyline file. I have tried downgrading my version of Storyline to the November build and it is still happening. I will have a look at the troubleshooting steps but I suspect this will not be fixed by that.

Luciana Piazza

Hi Erin and Jürgen! 

  • Erin- Thanks so much for reaching out! I see that you've opened a case and that you're working with my colleague Lejan. You're in excellent hands!

We'll continue the conversation over in your support case. 

  • Jürgen- Thanks so much for sharing that recommendation to share their file or open a case! 

Hope that you both have a great day and happy developing! ✨

Training Team

I am having the same issue. In the player when I select my accent color, the palette / theme colors look correct. But the accent color that actually shows when using the player is a funky green color.

I can't get the player to use my actual colors. I've attached a screen capture. You can see the pallette shows a dark teal color as selected, but the actual Accent Color is still a green color and the same green shows in the play bar across the bottom of the player.

This is happening seemingly at random. Some courses have the issue, others do not. I did use the new Beta version, but went back to the older version. Is the Beta version possibly causing this? Just a thought.

Thanks for any advice,

Lauren Connelly

Hello Training Team!

Thank you for sharing a screenshot! I can see how the color you chose isn't showing up on the Player in your screenshot. It might be something related to the beta version. Are you finding this happens in the beta or does it happen in the classic version after the project has been opened in beta?

I'd recommend sharing one of your affected .story files with our Support Engineers for troubleshooting! You can do that by submitting a support case. 


Steven Benassi

Hi Dom!

Sorry to hear you've also run into this setback!

If you've confirmed that you are working locally, and a repair of your Storyline installation doesn't improve the behavior, would you be comfortable sharing a copy of your .story file for testing? Feel free to upload it here in the discussion or privately through a support case.

We'll delete it from our system as soon as troubleshooting is finished!

Jose Tansengco

Hi Dom,

Here's a screenshot of what happens on my end when I try to replicate the behavior you shared in your previous response: 

It looks like certain steps need to be taken for the issue to appear. Would you mind making a Peek 360 recording of the issue so we can share this information with our product team?

Luciana Piazza

Hi Dom, 

Thanks so much!

I am going to share these videos with our Engineering team. They also will want to see your .story file so that they can recreate the steps that you've displayed in these videos. Is it possible that you could share the .story file in this discussion and I’ll send it to our Engineering team?

Looking forward to hearing from you!