Thick Border Appears When I Moved my Questions into a Question Bank

Aug 05, 2020


I created a course with my own navigation and have all storyline buttons suppressed. This allowed me to have a nice thin border around my course. When I moved my questions into a question bank to allow for randomization etc, I now get a thick border on the sides of my course. How can I get rid of this thick border and have the nice thin border again? Note, I created my own submit button for the assessment questions and have the next and previous buttons unchecked for each question there as well. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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Marilyn Marmol

I afraid I can't share the file because it has proprietary information, but attached are two images of what is happening with the content part cropped out. I'm on Storyline 3.6. Originally my whole course had a thin border. After i moved my assessment questions into a question bank the whole course automatically got a thick border. Thank you for the help! 

Marilyn Marmol

I was able to fix the problem. I was actually creating a sample storyline file without content that i would be able to share and i noticed the problem wasn't in the new file. I figured something must have gotten corrupt in the original. I decided to copy all my original slides into that new file. The border is now thin again. Thank you Wendy! If i wouldn't have created that dummy file, I wouldn't have resolved the problem!

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