thin line appears with certain quiz templates

When I insert a sequence template, an odd thin line appears around the slide inside the player and I can't get rid of it. This happens when I insert video too. For the video slide, I ended up removing the colored background so with a white background you obviously can't see it, but for the other activities I can't do this since I need my header and activity directions. Any advice? 

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Allison Antalek

They are the standard quiz templates, e.g. sequencing and text entry. I've played with all the player colors. The thin line appears in the slide itself - or better said, completely around it, so if I have a blue header/title bar for example, this thin line appears when you play it in the player. If I have a completely white background then it's fine, but I can't remove the title bar - it's essential and has the directions, progress bar, etc.