This project cannot be viewed. Created in newer version.

My colleague and I are working together on a Storyline project and she has sent me her version, that I need to add to my version. We both are using the newer version of Articulate but I keep getting the message, "This project cannot be viewed. It may have been created in a newer version of Storyline." How is this possible if we are using the same version?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kelly,

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I just did a little bit of  poking around in the community, since I know others have had this happen upon occasion.

One of the things that can cause this is when a file becomes corrupted. I wonder if that may have happened during the transfer process?

Also, here's a link to a thread that suggests being sure to work on a local drive...

And another thread that also recommends keeping the file path to less than 260 characters and avoiding special characters or symbols in the file name. Also, suggesting a repair of storyline (and a how to link) may fix things. There's also a link on this thread to submit a ticket if all else fails.