Three attempts for pick any one

May 05, 2021

Dear Team,

i have created pick any one but i need give only three without submit button if user not selected correct answer in 3 attempts move to next slide i am attached story file.

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Mcgem Minoc

Hello Rajendra,

Good Day! I'd love to help. So from what I understand you have a PICK ONE freeform question where you need to hide the submit button and also allow users up to 3 attempts.

So, to hide the submit button you can create a SLIDE TRIGGER to 'change state of' 'Submit Button' to 'hidden'.

When you hide the submit button on the slide, you'll need to create a new trigger for each of your choices/objects to 'Submit interaction' when the 'user clicks', without this trigger the user will not be able to progress to the next slide.

And lastly, you can select the number of attempts from the 'Scoring' pane under the 'Design Tab'.

Here are some very helpful articles from Articulate you can check out :

How to temporarily disable or hide navigation buttons

Storyline 360: Working with Triggers

Hope this can help you out. Cheers!

Mcgem Minoc

Hello Rajendra,

I reviewed and applied a few changes to your story file.

  • added 'submit interaction' trigger on all 4 boxes. This should count the interactions as attempts.
  • changed the trigger to show the 'Try Again' layer when an incorrect box is selected, I just added this trigger to Rectangle 2,3, and 4.
  • included all 4 boxes as choices in 'Form View'. Set 'Score' to 'By Choice' and 'Attempts' to 3.

Please check out the updated story file I attached.

Let me know how it goes.