Three Button Template

Hi Folks,

I have created a three-button template that allows the student to navigate from a base-layer to three other layers by selecting a button.  All buttons/layers must be selected and the media for each layer completed before the slide will advance. The layers can be viewed in any order.

I have used a lot of files from this site and thought it was time to give back a little.


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Tom Kuhlmann

Hey Bruce,

Thanks for sharing. Love the example and ideas in the template. This also is an example of a point I made in last week's blog post about 20 ways to do things. It also reminds me of when we first started using Storyline and we'd build things with variables and our developers would show us how to do things easier without them. We didn't know because we were just learning like everyone else. Which is why the community and sharing with each other is so valuable.

I reworked some ideas from your template to show a different way to do it. Also, I think perhaps a little less work.