Time limit access to a course downloaded on an iPad

Hi there,

Is there a possibility to set the access time a user will have of a course. For instance 1 year. I was thinking of a shape with no fill covering the start-page with a trigger/variable to a certain date. I know that you can do this in the html code as I saw in a screenr of Presenter. However, this will not work when downloaded on an iPad via Articulate Player.

At present, when you deliver a course that can be viewed offline on an iPad, it will stay working forever, therefore not allowing subscriptions.

Hope I make myself clear

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Unfortunately once a course is downloaded the library in the mobile player there is no way for you as the course developer to remove access to it unless you change it's hosted location. If you've enabled it for offline viewing, then the user will still be able to access it without needing to access it from the hosted location.