Time required to publish a file: Studio 360 vs. Storyline 360

Dec 06, 2020


I have a 120-slide PowerPoint presentation, including 30 quiz slides. The total file size (including audio commentary supporting each slide) is about 50MB.

•  Publishing time (HTML5 format) using Studio 360 = more than 60 minutes
•  Publishing time (HTML5 format) using Storyline 360 = 3 minutes

The other publishing “properties” (i.e. Player, Tracking and Quality) are the same when I publish using Studio 360 and Storyline 360.

The time taken to upload the published file (less than 1 minute using a fibre connection) to a LMS is not an issue.

Does anyone know why it takes 20 times longer to publish a file using Studio 360 than it takes to publish the same file using Storyline 360?

Any insight regarding this matter will be appreciated.


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