Timed Quiz with Question Bank issue

May 19, 2012

I am trying to set up a quiz which is limited to 1 min and drawing questions from a question bank. When I publish the module, the quiz keeps repeating the question bank choices (even those already answered) until the timer runs out.   And when it runs out, a pop feedback window shows with a Continue button which doesn't actually take you anywhere. 

Anyone have any insight here please?


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Lars Lindgren

Thanks Magnus, you guys are quick
I hope it's an early release!

Ben, very good point. I read some articles here and realized that was possible. 

The learning curve here is fast thanks to great guys like you who give great advice and quick responses. 

The SDK is also extremely highly anticipated!

In the meantime, I'll play around more with using javascript to pass variables back and forth. 

The flexibility of the solution is growing on me but getting access to more of the player syntax and commands is key. 

With that SL is a killer!



Ben  Wyse

Magnus Nirell said:

OK, here is some good news, this bug has been fixed.

Next release will have this fix (and other fixes and features added).

Can't say when we will make this new release public but it will be pretty soon.

Mag, you are my Super Hero.   Thanks for the update.     I think Beta Testers need a pre-Release just to check QA   

Jeanette Brooks

Hello Nigel - yes, you can change the text by customizing your player's text labels. Here's how. In the list of editable items, the ones you want to change for the time-out message are numbers 92 and 93. (You can also change the text of the OK button, which is item number 37.)

If you're interested in changing the colors on the pop-up, you can do that too. Check out this job aid (specifically the 2nd page) for which parameters are used on pop-ups like the timeout message.

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