Timeline and video captions sync?

I'm using Storyline 2 to create an eLearning course. I have a video inserted into a slide, and am adding captions as outlined here:


How do I sync the slide timeline with the video? If a user pauses the video, the slide timeline keeps going, and captions will still pop up even if the video is paused. Also, if the video isn't set to start automatically when the slide timeline starts, the captions will be out of sync.

For the purposes of the course I'm creating, this isn't acceptable. I need video controls visible and to have the user start, and pause, the video when they want to.

Is it possible to create a trigger tied to starting (and pausing) the video and the timeline? I've researched this question and haven't found the solution that works for my purposes yet.


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mat corrado

Hi Brandon,

The Rapid E-Learning Blog on how to add closed captions to Storyline 2 is a great resource for the basics.  Here's another article I found that might be helpful as well, in addition to Walt's suggestion (thanks, Walt!):

Building Closed Captions in Storyline with FREE source file by Author, David Lindenberg

 If you would like, I'd be happy to take a look at your file and see how we can get everything sync'd up.  Use this link to submit your project file, and mention my name so it will get routed to me.

Hope this helps!