Timeline extended to 20,000 seconds?

May 21, 2019

Has anyone ever experienced when the timeline has extended to 20,000 seconds? How on earth do I fix that? Walking the timeline back to the intended end could take days based on the few things I knew to try.

What caused this issue? My timeline should only be 40 seconds long. And the objects aren't from any other slide? 

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Kimberly Valliere

I ended up rebuilding the slide. It only had three objects + an audio file, so it took about 10 seconds. I made sure not to directly copy any of the objects from the buggy slide since it would add the timeline duration to the new slide.

I knew something was amiss when I calculated the duration of my course and SL said it was 368 minutes. I knew the course was long, but definitely NOT that long. The 20,000 second timeline was the culprit of course because the course is back to approx 34 min in duration.

I'm just curious if this has happened to anyone before? Btw, I'm using SL3.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Kimberly,

Just an aside on what you mentioned above. For future reference, there is a much quicker way to adjust the timeline than having to spend ages walking it back to where you want it.

If you right click on the required timeline and select Timing, then make sure both the "Show until end of slide" and "Always show on slide" check boxes are de-selected, you can highlight the Duration and enter the number of seconds you want the timeline to last. When you select Close, the new timeline will be created. You can also adjust the start time in the same way if you wish to do so.


Kimberly Valliere

Hi Ned,

Well, you can teach an old dog new tricks. That one somehow never made it into my workflow. I figured there may have been some way to change that, but I never went in search of it. Though, I must admit, dragging the timeline back to meet the audio is somewhat cathartic after hours of building a course (just not 20,000 seconds worth). LOL

Thank you for pointing it out. It would be a nice feature for there to be a right click on the timeline to align to audio...(thinking out loud).

Kimberly Valliere

Ned, I circled back to attempt this technique, but adjusting the timing appears to be per item and not the entire timeline? What am I missing here? If I changed the timing on multiple objects, their timeline ended, but the end of the master timeline did not change. Plus, I want these items to remain on the timeline until the end of the timeline, so that seems like double work to remove the setting for remain on the timeline until the end and then add it back? My apologies for being dense. :) 

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