Timeline jumping to original length

Oct 28, 2015

Hello! I am having a timeline issue in Storyline 2. 

I have about 100 slides in my course. I have the navigation set to restricted with a course-wide variable that only allows the user to advance when the timeline has completed. Each slide has audio that reads the slide content for those who are reading impaired. This made each slide unbearably long, so  I added a volume icon to each slide that has a trigger to play/pause the audio, that users can click only if needed.

Theoretically,  I should be able to shrink the timeline to any length now. I have set the timeline to end after 3 seconds so the user can advance after a few seconds on the slide.  This works on the slide if I preview immediately but if I exit the preview, the slide jumps back to the original length of the audio.

What can I do to stop this jump back to the original length? I know I could add the seekbar, but I would like to avoid that and just use the volume icon I added in. 


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Erin -- Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties, but we may be able to rule out the causes of some common problems. Please check out this info on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior in SL2, and please be sure to test your published output in the intended environment to see if you experience the same behavior. It is also helpful to import your file into a new file to determine if you find improvement. 

You are also welcome to share your file if you continue to have issues and we will gladly take a look! 

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