Timeline out of whack upon return to a slide

Mar 08, 2021

I've included a video, but basically my "menu" slide will perform as expected the first time it's viewed, but objects don't follow the timeline on revisit. Instead of all the section buttons flying in at the same time, first two buttons show up before everything else. If I go through any other section and return after that, all three buttons show up early/out of their time. Does anybody know what causes this?

Side note- I cannot share the source file for experimentation, but this course is set up from a template we use for all our courses. Nothing has changed as far as we can tell and there is no special scripting happening on the menu or section end slides.


I've discovered that the problem changes based on what section I go through:

Section 1: section 3 button arrives before any other objects

Section 2: section 2&3 buttons arrive before any other objects

Section 3: section 3 button arrives before than any other objects

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Ren Gomez

Hi Anna,

Thanks for reaching out, and I appreciate you sharing a video of what you're experiencing! That does look odd, and it's hard to tell without seeing the file why it's happening.

You may consider re-applying the animations to see if that resets it or try importing the course into a blank project to uncover any corrupt elements.

If all else fails, I recommend stripping away the important content for our team to look at your file and help figure this out!