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Sam Carter

Old thread, but I thought I'd chime in that I see this frequently.  No, I can't identify conditions that will make it occur, but I have demonstrated it to my co-workers as a bug to be careful to notice.

When it occurs, clicking the visibility on/off will repeatedly shift the object's timeline left about 1/2 second.  Not a big deal if you notice it, but often, it occurs on an object I am hiding, not the one I am working on.  Later, when all objects are set to visible, there's one object that is mis timed.


Guy Armstrong


I’ve figured it out.

Try placing a few items on a timeline, starting and ending at different times. Click all visibility off.

Then, when turning on visibility for each item, click slightly outside the little eye box for that item. You’ll see the item shift on the timeline. Happens every time.

What it means is that unless you are very accurate with your visibility clicks (something that gets difficult on long days of authoring) your items will have these annoying shifts.

Hope this is an easy fix.

Good luck,

Julie Miles

Has anyone come up with a fix for this yet? It's not just an occasional glitch for me, it happens every time I turn an element's visibility off. Took me a while to figure out what was going on, and why my timing kept jumping around. I'm currently working on files developed by someone else, and the slides contain up to 50 or 60 elements; I have to turn the visibility on and off to see what I'm working on, so this glitch is a major problem for me with this project.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

Thanks for sharing that here - it sounds like you're consistently able to replicate this? I know our team has had difficulty reproducing the behavior so it would be helpful if you're able to connect with our Support team here so that they could gather a bit more information from you in terms of how this is occurring. 

Julie Miles

I can reproduce the issue often, but not consistently. I just saved a couple of slides out of the large project I'm currently working on, tried toggling each item off and on again, and only one of them slipped. Whereas yesterday, when I was working on the project, it was happening every second or third time I toggled an item's visibility. I will submit this file to the support team anyway, and see if they are able to do anything with it.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam,

You definitely hit the nail on the head - if folks can tell us a sequence, steps, set up that constantly shows the behavior than our team can look to following those steps in terms of trying to replicate the behavior to see what's causing it. Julie, if you shared your file that's a great first start and our team will be in touch with some additional questions or steps to go through to see if you can reproduce it.