Timeline should not pause when i minimise the browser

Aug 20, 2018

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how to prevent the timeline from pausing when i minimise the browser; that means the timeline shouldn't pause.

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Janagiraman D

Thanks for the reply Alyssa, is there any option to control it externally in the js or html file.

I have added timer to my quiz for each question and my client wants that the timer shouldn't pause if i minimise or navigate to any-other tab in the browser.

Or suggest me if there is any-other possible way for this.

Joel O.

Hello, to us too this is an important issue. 

We have an exam that consists on several question banks in a single storyline file. I've done the timer with the layer loop technique, it works perfectly, except when the user reduces the browser. The timer here is stopped. 

At the end of the timer, the result sheet is shown and the answered questions are calculated.

Is there a way to have a timer that will not stop even if the window is reduced / out of focus ? How do people usually manage when using Storyline for exams ? This seems so unpractical.

This should be a feature of the Storyline player : to choose to have the playback stopped or to leave it running when the window is reduced.


Hope someone can help. Cheers !

Greg Edwards

Hi all, we need to kick a learner out of the course if they're not staying engaged. The use of the Slide.ElapsedTime built-in variable gets us really close to a workable timer. That is...we can display a warning message when they're getting close and then reset the Slide.ElapsedTime variable to 0 if they respond. But we're still stumbling to understand how to actually trigger the exit automation if the course has lost the focus (minimized or switched to another tab). It doesn't seem to fire until they come back to the course. And we don't want to continue logging time in the LMS until they switch back only to then kick them out. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!