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Janagiraman D

Thanks for the reply Alyssa, is there any option to control it externally in the js or html file.

I have added timer to my quiz for each question and my client wants that the timer shouldn't pause if i minimise or navigate to any-other tab in the browser.

Or suggest me if there is any-other possible way for this.

Matthew Bibby

Here is a tutorial for a JavaScript based countdown timer that I wrote a while ago. 

If you test the demo, you'll see that it doesn't stop when minimised. 

However, depending on the length of the timer, I'm not sure how reliable it will be when minimised. Different browsers may not reliably execute the JavaScript when it's not in focus (as they may allocate resources elsewhere if needed).

So please test in all environments to make sure it works as intended. 

Michael Hinze has another approach that is also worth testing. See here.