Video not in sync with Timeline - iOS Player especially bad

Oct 27, 2013

I am developing a suite of courses that rely heavily on short video clips shot on a green-screen then saved as FLV and imported into Articulate Storyline.  We have tried to play around with different rendering sizes with the video minimise loading time, however we are running into other issues because of the video not being in sync with the rest of the timeline. 


1. Is it possible to set a screen's timeline to pause and only proceed if the video is buffered / loaded?

2. iOS Storyline player looks good at first sight with alpha channel layers keyed out nicely, however the video is very jolted, only one frame of video to every 10 or so frames.  The audio is smooth though and does not jolt.  What is happening?  Can it be fixed?

3.  From others' experience using alpha channel keyed video clips, what are the ideal render settings to minimise lag?

Thanks in advance for your response. 

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Stu Jay Raj

Hi Parashuram.  Thanks for the reply. 

The problem is that:

1. The seek bar is essential in the slides.  The user needs to be able to drag it back and forth to different spots in the timeline.

2. There are articulate objects happening in sync with the video, so they must occur at the same time.  Even if I took the seek bar away, the slides would still not make sense as the video is not congruent with what's being shown on screen. 

3.  The video is edited and rendered as fly files with Alpha channel from Adobe Premiere.  The video works fine when opened in a flash enabled browser, but in the iOS Storyline player, the video is un-watchable.  As mentioned however, the audio track to the video in iOS player comes out perfectly (so the clip is streaming in, but for some reason the video frames are not smooth). 

I understand that video needs to buffer.  That's fine - but if it is going to buffer, the timeline needs to stop and wait for it to buffer in before proceeding so that the learners don't think that 'X' is 'Y'. 

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