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Matthew Graham

I believe what's happening is that once the timeline ends, the slide is over.  So, you're layer changes to layer 2 at the end, but the timeline has already finished.

You may want to animate in one layer.  Check this out: Using the Timeline

Look at the cue point section to change the state of your characters.

Jean Fata

I'm experiencing a similar problem.  I have a slide with 3 layers, and each layer has a trigger to start when the timeline starts.  The base layer timeline runs for 80 seconds.  The timelines for the 3 layers are set to begin and end one at a time during the course of that 80 seconds.  But only the layer that is listed last in the Slide Trigers list actually appears, regardless of which trigger I move to the last spot.  I have other slides set up the same way (I think) and they work fine.  I'm not sure if this is the same problem experienced by Conny, or if it is a different issue.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gayle!

It looks like Jean's issue was resolved by unchecking the "Hide Other Slide Layders" option on all sublayers for the slides that were not displaying properly. If you try this, make sure you save the course and republish to test it.

If you're experiencing a similar issue, but this doesn't fix the problem, please submit a support case with your .story file. We'll take a look and see what the problem may be. 

Crystal Villareal

Am I correct in assuming that in order to advance through layers automatically, you must set a trigger on each layer and use the timeline of the layer and not the baseline?  For example, if I want to advance from Layer 2 to Layer 3, I must set a trigger that indicates: Show layer 3, when timeline reaches ______ seconds, and the number of seconds entered is a number from the timeline on layer 2, NOT the base layer?

I want to also mention, I am using audio that plays across all layers.  When I try to create cue points on the base layer (in slide view) in order to know where animations should align on each layer, it does not match the cue points on the base line.  I know each layer has it's own timeline, but how am I suppose to know where the animations should fall if the audio only plays on the base layer? 

I have tried to create cue points in each layer for the audio, but the audio will not play when I am in slide view on each layer.