Timer and Slide Number

Feb 19, 2015

How to enable timer (Elapsed time) in the Storyline 2 player?

Also is there any way to set slide number (current slide and total slide) in the player?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Sathish,

Welcome to the community! Unfortunately Storyline does not have an elapsed timer feature in the player as Presenter did. 

You could submit a feature request. You can set a slide number in a course by setting up a variable, such as PageCount and have it either add numbers for each slide, by inserting a text reference on each slide.

sathish kumar

Thank you very much for your quick response.
Actually my team suppose to buy one authoring tool for our upcoming
projects. So I suggest Articulate storyline 2, but we need slide number and
elapsed time in the playerskin. Anyway please guide me to set up at least
slide number into the course by using variables. So that I can suggest to
select storyline 2.

Note: this slide number and time elapsed is one of the basic requirements
of elearning. Then why Storyline doesnt provide this feature??

Daniel Wong

just found out that you CAN enable elapsed time in SL2. 

simply create a quiz with 1 dummy question and a dummy result slide within your project, with an end-quiz timer and set START TIMER to First slide.

hide and move the quiz question and result to a scene that is never use/navigated to.

 there you have it, you get yourself an elapsed timer.


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