Oct 17, 2014


I have different question banks and have enabled one of them to have a time limit via the results slide.

Now all my questions have a timer on top that keeps on counting down. Tried publishing it, but still the same problem. How can I assign a specific question bank with a timer and the other not....


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Emily Ruby

Hello Kennethg!

If both of the banks are reporting to the same results slide, and you add a timer to the results slide, they will both have the show a timer.

Also, if you have 2 separate results slides, and the one with the timer is before the one without, they will both have the timer.

You can make two separate results slides, and the one that needs the timer will need to be after the one without the timer in the course, and it will need to be set at "Start Timer: With first question"

This option will ensure that the timer does not start until the first question of the bank that needs the timer.

Hope this helps.

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