Timer issues on mobile devices.


I am building a 50 question exam in Storyline 360 that utilizes the built in timer. Our students may be taking the exam on either a computer or an iPad. I have the navigation buttons (but no menu or seek bar) available on all slides except for the last one before the results. This is because I wanted to move the submit button elsewhere so that it wouldn't accidentally be clicked on until the student was sure they were ready to move on as in some cases, they may only have one opportunity to take the exam. 

This is supposed to be a 1 hour timed exam, but we have always programmed in a few extra minutes to account for any computer issues with other students, etc. I would like the students to be able to view the timer so that they know how much time remains, however, I don't want them to know about the few extra minutes built in. Unfortunately, when using the mobile device, the timer always starts from 1:10 and counts down regardless of what option it's set to. Does this occur for anyone else? Is this a one off occurrence and building the course in a different save file will solve it? 

The obvious solution rather than starting over is to just hide the timer and have our instructors keep track of time, but I just want to make sure there isn't something simple I'm missing.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Breanna,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with your mobile course.

It sounds like you are running into an issue that has been reported to our team where the timer will always show 'Time Remaining' even if the timer format is defined as Elapsed when the course is viewed on a mobile device using the Responsive Player.

I've added this conversation to the report as we continue tracking this issue and so that we can share any updates we have with you here as well.