How to time 1 question slide within a course and view/review the answer .

Apr 14, 2016


I have to set a countdown timer (10 minutes) on 1 slide within a course.-After 10 min. it will submit the answer automatically or the student can submit the answer before the clock runs out. The question (on this slide) will ask the students to type in an answer and the students will (at a later stage) have to view the answer they typed in again. 

Can someone please help.

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Darren Heath

Hi Alison,

see my attached demo.

I use a standard text entry quiz question and a silent audio clip to act as the countdown (set to 10 seconds rather than minutes for this demo)

when the countdown variable reaches 0 the interaction is submitted, or when the user clicks the submit button

if the answer variable value is the default value when the timeline of a future/next slide starts the value will change to 'time up' to indicate the user didnt enter a response in time.

If they did answer then it will be held in the answer variable and this can be called further along the course.

You can enhance this further if needed, let me know if this helps you

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